Women snubbed by Shembe marchers explains what happened

By Sihle Mkhize

She was enjoying herself and looked to be getting into the spirit of song and dance among the thousands of Nazareth Baptist Church (Shembe) members.

Siphokazi Mbali Nyandeni stood out like a sore thumb among the many Shembe church members clad in their white regalia.

She was in a floral sleeveless summer dress and looked ravishing. But she suddenly felt a soft nudge on her shoulder and she turned around to see one of the members signaling for her to leave.

The video of the incident that happened during the Shembe curch members’ march in the Durban CBD on Tuesday afternoon soon trended.

Her reaction to the instruction to leave is what amazed many as she looked in disbelief but respectfully walked off.

Some commented that she had been turned away because she was causing destruction because of her look.

She has since released a video on her social media explaining the events that led to her joining the church.

“Let me tell you what happened. I was sitting here in my apartment,” she said in a video she posted on her Facebook page.

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“That’s when I heard the sounds (she makes the sound made by the instruments used by the Shembe church members).

“I then started dancing here in the apartment and then I felt I had to get closer to the action.

“Naturally, I like the Nazareth dances. So that man really hurt me, he disappointed me quite badly.

“I was really enjoying myself with them. At first, I shouted that one of them must please marry me,” she says laughing.

“I thought that part would have also shown in that video but I don’t know what happened with the one who was recording the events,” said Siphokazi.

She then responds to people who are asking her question of her live video and stresses that she was really hurt at being turned away.

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