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Women should be celebrated every day, not just in one month

By Sihle Mkhize

Finally, winter is coming to an end and spring is upon us. I understand that on our calendar Women’s Month is vital and our history needs to be celebrated.

I for one, think that women need to be praised and celebrated throughout the year. Just show women love and appreciation all year round.

Using the power vested on me, talking about burning issues like the current situation in politics is important.

It’s such a disgrace that the ruling party failed to pay their staff salaries. What worries more is that African National Congress is in power and some of its members are facing a long list of corruption charges.

The latest statistics regarding unemployed citizens is Mzansi which is 34.4% clearly indicates that President Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership is nosediving.

I don’t want to go into details on why there are so many accused of instigators in our democratic country but some citizens feel that Mzansi is no longer democratic.

Once you raise concerns against Ramaphosa you are charged and being silent. This is ridiculous I can’t deal with it.

Enough about politics, for now, let’s face the reality we’re living in a country where rich people become more wealthy and the poor become poorer.

As a sport-loving person talking about football at least brings a smile to my face. So many teams locally and internationally made signings of big names to boost their hopes to stay on top-flight and compete for silverware.

Personally, I never imagine Percy Tau returning to Africa leagues. I was still expecting him to raise high our flag internationally.

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We were told that the English Premier League is the best and leading globally, so returning back at his age is like moving backward.

Perhaps his decision sends a clear message that in Africa we have the best exciting and best leagues who knows.

Did I say spring season is upon us in my first sentence? I know some people start to be concerned and panic about their body shapes.

Readers you can’t expect immediate results after a short space of time investing in the gym. Relax and accept the way you are. Most importantly wear something that comforts you. Till we meet again, be safe.

Sihle Mkhize, Editor The Purpose Magazine

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