Ukhozi FM presenter in bitter public spat with musician

By Liyakhiza Mkhize

Durban Gen actor and uKhozi FM broadcaster Zimiphi “Zimdollar” Biyela is fuming after a heated squabble with the leader of a mbhaqanga group.

According to one of the KZN based weekend publications, the fight started when Gcinokwakhe Sibiya of Oswenka demanded to perform at Sgwebosentambo Maskandi Festival.

The festival was held at Obuka in Empangeni, in the northern kwaZulu-Natal recently.

Eye witnesses said Zimdollar told Sibiya to go and fly the kite.

This was after the event organiser Sgwebosentambo instructed her to bring on stage Bahubhe Mkhize on Sibiya’s slot because he was rushing somewhere.

When contacted by this publication, Zimdollar confirmed that indeed she had an argument with Sibiya.

“Sgwebosentambo instructed me to start with Bahubhe because he was in a rush.

“I informed Sibiya about the changes but he became aggressive.

“He started swearing, calling me a dog that refuses to play their music on radio.

“I demanded an apology and threatened not to call him on stage.

“Instead of humbling himself he decided to leave the event” she said.

Zimdollar emphasized that hers was to follow instructions and that Oswenka were not officially booked to perform.

Commenting on this matter, Sibiya said: “Zimdollar called me a boy and refused to apologise.

“She even threatened not to play my group’s music on uKhozi FM.”

Zimdollar presents the famous traditional music show Sigiya Ngengoma on Saturdays on Ukhozi FM.

According to sources privy to the matter, the drama unfolded in front of fans and things got really ugly.

“Both Zimdollar and Sibiya could have avoided this squabble for the sake of their reputation.

“It was so shocking to see them in such a bitter altercation,” said a mole who wished not to be named.

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