Transplant is a banger, just don’t say that to the good Dr Bash

Holidays have been hell for the most, due to lockdown rules. People being restricted from doing things they treasure the most especially during the holidays.

Even though things took a wrong turn but it has been a blessing to some of us. We got to spend time with our loved ones and found out that we had similar interest since we got to binge on a variety TV programmes. We watched Christmas movies which taught us to appreciate and cherish our families and made us closer then before.

There is this series that caught our attention and which I can’t get enough of, it melted our hearts. It’s a medical show called Transplant about a young Indian man from Syria,  who fled to America with his brother and young sister because of the war in his country. When he arrived in America he worked in a restaurant as a chef while at work an accident occured. He survived and had to save those who were injured including the restaurant owner who is also a doctor.

Bash, the Indian man was later discovered by the restaurant owner that he is also a doctor after interrogating him,  since he had performed a first aid that only a doctor could have and saved his life and some womans life who was in a critical condition. He found out that Bash was a qualified doctor from Syria who left his country after both his parents who were also doctors died in the war.

This young man was then recruited as a doctor in the American hospital with the help of the restaurant owner. Bash is a very dedicated doctor who works his heart out to save his patients. Even though he is facing some hardships since his past is haunting him he has flash backs of the war in his country and when ever he hears a bang it triggers him and reminds him of the gunshots and people getting killed in his country.

You can catch Transplant series every Monday at 20:00 exclusively on channel Universal 117.

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