Top riots suspect Ngizwe Mchunu to hand himself over to the police

He has allegedly been identified as one of the 12 people suspected of inciting public violence, rioting and looting in KwaZulu-Natal

STORY: Sihle Mkhize
PHOTO: Facebook

Former Ukhozi FM presenter, #FreeZuma campaign leader and alleged fugitive, Ngizwe Mchunu has announced that he will hand himself over to the police on Monday.

Mchunu has allegedly been in hiding since earlier in the week when Police Minister, Bheki Cele said they were looking certain people on suspicions of inciting public violence. While Cele didn’t mention him by name, he did describe one of the suspects in a way that fits Mchunu’s profile.

“On Monday I am going to hand myself over at the nearest police station. I need answers from the provincial police commissioner. I am tired of being labelled as a law breaker,” said Mchunu on Ngizwe Online on Friday.

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Before this, Mchunu has been posting videos claiming to be in hiding as he had got wind that the police are hunting him down. He claimed that at some point the hotel he was in had been surrounded by the police.

He further revealed that he’s aware about an attempt to assassinate him, and his family are no longer safe. Mchunu also lashed out at the premier of KwaZulu-Natal, Sihle Zikalala for the disgraceful incident where he was caught on live TV assaulting an alleged looter.

“If that victim had an operation on his back hence you were assaulting him would you be happy if he died? I didn’t know that your exercising classes gives you power and authority to do such,” said Mchunu.

The Purpose Magazine is aware an apology sent out by Zikalala’s office on the incident. Mchunu also lashed out on Cele accusing him of taking sides on the Phoenix massacre matter.

Cele visited Phoenix this week where a number of people have died during the unrest. They were allegedly shot by community members who had formed a watch unit to prevent looting in their area. The issue had however escalated to a racial war.

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“As a leader Cele should address the community without listening to one side. He displayed zero qualities of being a leader. I am also a resident in Phoenix, black people were brutally killed there. His job is to calm both races,” Mchunu said.

Mchunu became famous for his ‘Azikhale’ war cry. This was seen as encouraging people to protest until former president Jabob Zuma was released from jail. He also criticised KZN MEC for Arts and Culture, Hlengiwe Mavimbela.

“She never addresses artists but we know that they are starving. She can’t even use social media to communicate with them,” said Mchunu.

If Mchunu hands himself over, he will be following on former ambassador to Japan and alleged Zuma spy, Thulani Dlomo. Dlomo handed himself at Durban Central police station on Friday afternoon.

There have been speculations that Dlomo was top of the list of the police intelligence’s most wanted. He has been alleged to have been at the forefront of stirring the unrest and rioting which led to mass looting.

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