The repeats on our TV channels during the day are a serious bore

The Ranakas are fond of each other, but they quarrel and fight a lot

TV seems to be boring lately. It’s a pity that some of us rely on TV for fun and to pass time especially during this pandemic. I am one of those who are still scared to go out to social gatherings although the government has loosened the rules a little because the virus is still out there.
Whenever I try to fiddle with the remote, channel hopping, I see one and the same things, more repeats from morning till noon. Mzansi Magic plays the repeats for almost the whole day and what I have picked up that most of the series they broadcast were previously played on One Magic. And Mzansi Wethu does the same with the shows that were previously on Mzansi Magic, so it’s repeats and more repeats. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just stating what I see, my opinion.
Now going abroad there is this show called Blackish, it’s a series about a Black American family who often share black American history, teaching their children about the past and hardships they went through in the years gone by.
Dray the man of the house, and is over-protective of his family. He even see things that aren’t there, he sees racism even if there isn’t. What finishes me the most is that he doesn’t want his children to grow up, like any other typical black parent I understand. He refuses to let them spread their wings and fly. He once saw his young daughter kissing a boy and broke her bedroom door so that she could never have any privacy and is always keeping track of his elder daughter’s every move since she is now in college, he her calls constantly.
This show is a sitcom but what interests me about it is that as much as they are making us laugh, but in the process they are also teaching us something about life.
In recent episodes, which were probably shot during the pandemic, the show is mostly based on the real issues of Covid-19. Dray’s wife is a doctor so they are showing us how important essential workers are and how they risk their lives in the process of saving others.
She is constantly teaching his family about the importance of following the necessary precautions and how serious the virus is, we are also learning the importance of taking these rules seriously since by not doing so, it is not only putting our lives in danger but also our loved ones.
Coming back home we are looking at the reality show, The Ranakas, the show is about the Ranaka family whose members are very fond of each other. But they fight, they quarrel but most of all they love each other and are always there for each other even in hardships. I was so touched and teary when Dineo threw a surprise honorary party for her big sister Manaka who has been in the entertainment industry for years she was honouring her for being strong and never giving up even though there were difficulties along the way she was celebrating 20 years in the industry.
That was so nice of Dineo and so selfless since they are both in the same industry but she chose to celebrate her sister.
Catch Blackish every Thursday at 19:30 on One Magic (channel 103) and The Ranakas on Thursday at 20:00 on Mzansi Magic (channel 161).

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