Television star, Andile Ncube in bitter Twar about his sexuality 


Sihle Mkhize

SABC sports anchor Andile Ncube finds himself in a tight corner after being involved in a Twar (Twitter War) with one of his followers who seems to also be a close friend, who didn’t pull any punches as the two went head-to-head. 

The follower, who’s bio shows his name as Baduube Selamina, started the fight when he questioned Andile’s sexuality, asking  when he is going to come out of the closet and let the world know who he really is.

“And when are we gonna discuss how Ayanda Thabethe (Andile’s former wife) nearly killed herself after finding your legs opened high in the sky for another man?,” asked Selamina.

It’s general knowledge that this broadcaster was previously married to a model Ayanda Ncube who was with him for several years  before tying knot.

However, their marriage was short-lived as it came to an end when rumours that Andile was cheating on her became public.

Speaking to DJ Fresh in an interview in 2018, Ayanda opened up about her divorce.

“I think that is growth. It’s understanding that it’s okey when things don’t work out. And it’s also pouring yourself and everything that you have into something.

“And when it doesn’t work because you had, you don’t have any “what if” or whatever. So when you move on, it’s completely over and you wish the other person the best,” she explained.

Andile trying to blow the heavy wind away from his direction said Selamina catching stompies makes him look foolish.

“I think you need to read all my tweets pertaining to this matter before coming with half witted insults. Catching stompies makes you look foolish which I’m sure as (a) “thinker” you don’t want,” Andile responds.

Selamina, who seems “Mr know it all” when it comes to Andile’s sexual affairs went on saying, “The red BMW Z4 that Somizi gave to you? Let’s go all the way there! Tell your followers what was the reason you and Ayanda divorced or I’ll force it out of your mouth.”

Another follower, Bhekithemba Zulu meanwhile came out gun blazing in Andile’s defence saying  the SABC Sports anchor was being publicly humiliated for his sexual preferences.

“I still don’t know how we went from being against homophobic behaviour on Twitter, straight to dragging Andile Ncube and using his sexual preferences as a way to humiliate him,” said Bhekithemba.

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