Stay in your lane, don’t let ‘social media’ relationships put a strain on yours

In the past couple of years I have observed a shift in the way most people relate to one another. I have realised that we look more for material possessions, especially where relationships are concerned, before making our conclusion about someone. From Bae-cations, to relationship goals, to relationship statuses, to posting your partner, it’s a never ending list of things we are led to believe make or break relationships. I am not here to judge whether it’s right or wrong. Quite frankly I couldn’t be bothered. Each man to his own.

I am however concerned when our self-worth dangles by a  thread due to a phenomenon influenced by content that we consume via social media. Most people tend to judge their realities based on the airbrushed perceptions that are

published on these platforms. Now don’t get me wrong, the advent of social media has produced a tremendous amount of good in the economics of the entire globe. However, let’s face it, most people use social media to publish the best parts of their lives while omitting the harsher realities. The view from the outside looking in is pretty convincing. Although most of us are aware of this, we can’t help but get lost in cyber world losing touch with reality and live in this illusion. The honest truth, it’s all but a figment of the lives represented by ones and zeros. True,  it is all inspired by life but honestly most of what we are led to believe and strive for is unreal. Your relationships should never be dictated by external forces.

When I was a little girl there was the saying, ” Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Well, social media is but just that, a cover of a book with many pages.

So relax, the next time you see a social media friend who seems to be forever traveling on bae-cations etc, chances are she vacations once a year if she is lucky just like you. Unlike you, she is just smart enough to pack as many bikinis as she can borrow enabling her to take a years worth of pictures for social media content. And there you are looking all envious, and put unnecessary pressure on your partner to also want to take you out when his budget  don’t allow it yet.

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