Sir Trill thrilled with Kaunda’s attempt at Amapiano

Mayor of Durban expresses his message to the youth in a different way, writes Aphe Gcwabe

Amapiano song writer, producer and artist Sir Trill applauded eThekwini mayor Mxolisi Kaunda’s initiative of reaching out to the youth using music.

The 50-year-old first citizen of Durban released an Amapiano track recently. He said he wanted to pass a message to the youth through a medium they like.

Sir Trill, a popular figure in the music industry and known for a number of hits in the genre, said the message is clear.

“The concept of engaging with the youth through music is brilliant. The message in the song is very clear and to the point.

“It is great to see our leaders still having the zeal to engage with the youth. We as the youth, need more leaders like the major. Well done,” he said.

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The Purpose learned that the song was produced by Kaunda’s son who completed sound engineering studies.

“We were sitting at home when he created the beats and called me to add vocals to convey my message.” Kaunda added.

He also revealed that he is not interested in accepting gigs as he’s not in competition with professional artists.

Kaunda urged public broadcaster the SABC  to play his song at all radio stations. He said this would maximise the reach of his message.

Kaunda speaking at SABC’s 85th anniversary held at Onomo Hetel in Durban, said the song encourages the youth to think before they act.

“If you want to communicate with young people it’s important to use the easy way. Music is the good medium because they like it,” said Kaunda.

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