Scandal never ceases to amaze with one dramatic twist after the other

By Sane Mseleku

It is not called Scandal for nothing. And it has been on our screens for some time now but it’s still going strong.

The gossip, betrayal, and scandals that happen in the city of Johannesburg never cease to amaze.

The drama is giving us a taste of life from both the rich and the poor. There is the Ngema family who has loads of drama.

Mlungisi is the head of the family and recently resigned from his job. This was after finding out that his wife Zinzile has slept with the co-owner of his workplace. 

And now she has borrowed thousands of rands from him without his knowledge.

The drama continues in the house whereby their daughter Lindiwe is involved with Nhlamulo who is a convict. 

He ruined her graduation party when the police came to arrest her and her mother after thinking they are involved in Nhlamulo’s schemes.

The drama doesn’t stop there when Lindiwe and her mom were in jail Mlungisi discovered that the house had been paid up and by Nhlamulo.

Mlungisi then ended up dating a woman called Nonzi who was not really into him but after his house. 

The story continues when the Mamba family discovers the secret that has been hidden for years.

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Vunani Mamba is one of the richest businessmen in Joburg. He found out that Gobarchev his friend, his right-hand man whom he refers to as a brother after growing up together has betrayed him. 

Vunani found out that the son he thought he had is not his but Gobarchev’s and that caused a rift between them since they are both thugs in suits and they ended up killing each other.

There is Boniswa the wife of Vunani who is poisoning Ayanda the daughter of Vunani Mamba against her siblings because she is the only one with the inheritance. 

And now she is after it since she thinks Ayanda is easy to manipulate and now she is undecided. She doesn’t know who to believe, she is now stuck in the middle. 

For more drama catch Scandal weekdays on channel 194 at 7:30 pm.

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