SABC 1 targets the Sunday evening market with new drama series


SABC1 has started the New Year by introducing some new shows.

There is one show that started on the 10th of January called The Kingdom. This show enlightens and it going to teach us a lot about life and how to handle some challenges that we face in our daily lives.

The Kingdom focuses on a young girl who lives with her father, the mother passed away years earlier. This young girl was involved in a car accident with her father while they were travelling and arguing. The argument erupted when the father found out that her daughter entered a singing competition without his consent. The girl got so furious and tried to grab the cellphone from father while he was driving and he lost control which resulted in the car accident which took away her hearing.

Now, both father and daughter live a miserable life without any joy. They had to relocate which is something that made her very angry. Friends and life she knew had to be left behind.

Her loss of hearing divided the family. They couldn’t communicate with each other the way they are used to. Text messages are the only way, which is not easy for them.

Moving to the new and small town made a big difference in their lives because of this lady whom they met when they arrived.

When the girl met the lady she was overwhelmed and felt safe with her, the father loved their friendship.

The lady offered to help the struggling family and she introduced them to a young man who had the same challenge. They had a connection since they suffered from the similar condition, and they both have similar interests. They loved music, the girl could sing and the guy could rap. He assisted her so much that he even taught sign languages that could help her communicate much easier.

The guy also helped his friend to find her rhythm and be able to sing without hearing herself. He taught ways on how to enjoy music even if she’s deaf.

Eventually the family reconnected even though the girl still feels guilty about the accident.

Watch The Kingdom every Sunday at 8pm on SABC1 (or Channel 191).

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