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Racism has no place in our Mzansi​ ​


THE incident which happened in front of the whole Mzansi when eNCA  reporter Lindsay Dentlinger ordered black politicians to put the mask on  while their whites counterparts conducted interviews without masks on is  an eye opener on the long way to go to freedom.

As a journalist, I am saddened to have witnessed such episode that has  already caused divisions and havoc amongst ordinary people of South  Africa. This outrageous incident happened outside the Parliament just after  Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni had delivered his budget speech. What appalled me about the eNCA reporter’s racist behaviour is that he  let MPs John Steenhuisen of the DA and FFP’s Pieter Groenewald enjoy  interview without mask on but Mkhuleko Hlengwa and Nqabayomzi Kwankwa  were cautioned against conducting interviews without their masks on.

Now the questions are, where is the consistency to my fellow reporter, does Covid 19 safety protocols apply to only blacks? Since the eNCA reporter’s conduct set some tongues wagging, I decided to  do my own investigation on Lindsay behaviour at work. To my surprise, I discovered that she has been practising this  unconducive behaviour in various interviews on the field of work.

Sadly though, the eNCA bosses have been silent and we never heard a word yet from them condemning this abnormal conduct. To say I am disappointed by Landsay and her bosses will be an  understatement. Their behaviour smacks of racism. Now onto other serious matters, according to a recent Daily Maverick  article published: “Zweli Mkhize’s “family friend” and ex-private  secretary pocketed Covid-19 via R82m Department of Health contracts”.

I condemn corruption but we as media must be vigilant. Nowadays, is a  norm in Mzansi to be used by politicians in their political battles.  Someone said, we all aware that the Health Minister was not part of the  CR7 campaign and since the ANC elective conference is around the corner, chances of learning of expose are inevitable. The Purpose Magazine wishes all readers the best and keep on supporting  our online vibrant publication www.thepurpose.co.za Email:sihle@thepurpose.co.za Facebook: The Purpose Twitter: Ngeney’ntwen@HNgeney’ntwen Instagram: Ngeney’ntwen WhatsApp: 073 062 1169

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