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Put the kids’ interests first when raising them alone – don’t fester hatred of the other parent

Let’s talk about burning issue that erupts between parents especially when they no longer in a relationship but raising children together.

During festive season, we know that people usually visit their family for various reasons.

It is a fact that there’s so many children raised by single parents especially mothers. Most of the time they point fingers at fathers, painting them as heartless and irresponsible.

Young “single” mothers are gatvol and raising points regarding their refusal to send kids to their fathers. Let us start by accepting that sometimes men fail dismally to support their kids due to the high rate of unemployment and poverty.

Over and above kids need both parents’ love. It so unfortunate that some women fight using kids to fulfil their evil desire or pay revenge for failed relationship.

Kids grow up hating fathers without knowing the actual facts. As parents we must condemn this barbaric act.

As a patriotic citizen I believe taking a stance in the fight against Covid-19 is vital. This time of the year we gather and celebrate life, usually booze is a part of celebrations. Let’s try by all means to follow safety protocols.

The global pandemic continues to cause devastation across the world with more than 64 million infections. We have now fallen to 14th in the world as infections in other countries have surged dramatically.

I can’t ignore Duduzane Zuma fame especially after Imali Eningi hit song by Big Zulu featuring Riky Rick and Intaba YaseDubai took Mzansi by storm. It’s funny that some people have actually mistaken Duduzane and actual Big Zulu.

This after trending famous walk challenge on social media. Indeed Duduzane stole so many Mzansi’s heart and some of his followers started to endorse him as a future president.

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