Professor excited to be part of Goduka, promises fiery show

By Sihle Mkhize 

Multi-award winning musician Professor Langa is delighted at being named among performers at Goduka Music Festival on December 3.

The Jezebel hit maker, speaking to The Purpose, said: “It’s such a pleasure to participate in this huge event. 

The mega-event is scheduled to take place at King Zwelithini stadium.

“What puts a smile on my face is that the event organiser is from my hood (Umlaza).”

Professor also likes that this festival is not only about artists who released new hit songs and are the current talk of the town. 

But it also features legends of the game like him and Phuzekhemisi to name but a few.

“I promise a world class performance. I’ll make sure that the fans ask for more. People must go and buy tickets to avoid disappointment because they sell out soon,” he said.

The name Goduka is used to tell someone to go back home. And the festival is held just as migrant workers are getting ready to trek back home for the festive holidays.

The organiser, who is popularly known as Pastor Mjosty speaking to The Purpose, said music lovers all over social media are excited about this festival.

“We’re welcoming them. Much as Goduka is dominated by Maskandi artists but it is a mixture of various genres. 

“And that makes it more attractive,” said Mjosty, who doubles as an actor and comedian.

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Artists such as Professor, Mapaputsi, Lagxabha, Phuzekhemisi, Sgwebo Sentambo, Thwasa Lekhansela, Amavikelambuso, Yellowbones, King Masolution, Bullistic, DSD, Character, Bello noGallo are also billed to perform.

Tickets are on sale at Shoprite/Checkers and Spar starting from R100 for general and R500 for VIP. The event will start at 11 am and until the next morning.

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