Panic as booze ban looms with Tuesday night’s #FamilyMeeting


A family meeting. This is what Covid-19 update addresses by state president, Cyril Ramaphosa have become to be known since the advent of the unfortunate and crippling virus over a year ago.

Ramaphosa is set to address the nation again this evening where he is expected to announce some restrictions ahead of the busy Easter long weekend. While a number of restrictions may be imposed, including the prohibiting of mass gatherings, the ban of alcohol has people panicking.

It is currently one of the top trends on Twitter with liquor outlets experiencing big numbers of consumers looking to stock up in case the ban is made ‘immediate’ as it has always been done.

While it has not been confirmed, The Purpose Magazine has heard that the sale of alcoholic will only be restricted to certain days and not completely banned.
The Christian religion is also awaiting the outcomes of the family meeting with abated breath as a restriction on church gatherings is expected. On Easter, may church groupings hold weekend long services where hundreds, if not thousands gather as they remember the incarnation of Jesus.

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