Nzimakwe calls for government to hand the land over to Amakhosi

By Sihle Mkhize

Patriotic Macademia nut farmer Sihle Nzimakwe has urged South Africans to join hands together and fight poverty using land.

This comes coincidentally after the launch of the Mcbook International Foundation farming project.

It was held on Saturday at Hampshire Hotel in Ballito.

Nzimakwe also voiced his concerns over the issue of expropriation of land without compensation.

He says it still remains a thorny and unresolved matter.

He urged concerned citizens to revisit African history before 1652, read about the Kingdom of Elangeni and the Songayi empire.

“Our responsibility as 20th century generation is to sit down with our government.

“And try to build a cooperate working kind of working environment.

“Poverty divides us, and civilization is the source of the problem. We were not starving before,” he said.

Nzimakwe urged government to hand over the full responsibility of land to Amakhosi as they have the capacity.

“We’ve gone past the stage of making peace with the oppressors. We’re living in democratic country guided by the constitution.

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“The present generation has no experience of apartheid. Youth needs WiFi, etc. We need to close that gab between the current generation and the old one.

“Veterans opened doors for us. I encourage people to read Diagnosis Report from Gwede Mantashe’s office,” he said.

He insisted that it is the government’s responsibility is to school poor citizens how to manage farms.

Nzimakwe suggested that Amakhosi and SADAC needs to have a consultative conference.

“We don’t need visas to visit neighbouring countries, we should be one. And we need to unite as Africans,” he concluded.

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