Nothing to celebrate here, fumes Nelson Mandela’s daughter about Freedom Day celebrations

Makaziwe says as long as people are living in abject poverty, she will not take the day’s activities seriously

Makaziwe Mandela-Amuah


The eldest daughter of the late Dr Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela, Dr Makaziwe Pumla Mandela-Amuah, has described the celebration of Freedom Day in South Africa as a shame.

Makaziwe is the daughter of Mandela and his first wife, the late Evelyn Mase.

The Purpose Magazine had an exclusive conversation with Makaziwe where she expressed her views about this important day in the history of the country.

Freedom Day was celebrated on Tuesday, April 27, the day of the first open elections in the country.

As the country celebrate 27 years of Freedom since South Africa voted for her father as the first black president in 1994, Makaziwe seems to be not moved by any of this.

“Are you a South African isn’t it? Do you see anything to celebrate in South Africa? Have you ever been in the rural areas of Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and other parts of the country and seen how people are suffering? Actually, I don’t talk to the media but since you have called me it’s fine.

“Look, there’s no freedom to celebrate. Even I, who people think I’m free, I have nothing to celebrate. There’s a lot of inequalities in our society. People are still living in extreme poverty. The unemployment rate is seriously higher than before,” says Makaziwe.

She said that the economy is still in the hands of the elite few while millions of South Africans are swimming in poverty.

Makaziwe also expressed her anger at the education system which she described as the worst especially in rural areas.

“How could you celebrate Freedom Day when the economy is not in our people’s hands?

“Let me tell you, we will celebrate Freedom Day once our people have managed to fully participate in the economy of this country but at the moment there’s nothing at all that can be celebrated for this day,” said Makaziwe.

She said unemployment didn’t come with Covid-19 which forced South Africa into a lockdown but it started long ago.

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