Nikiwe: A riveting tale of wealth, betrayal, and family secrets

By Sane Mseleku

Welcometo the captivating world of Nikiwe, a gripping drama that follows the wealthy Radebe family and their tangled web of secrets and betrayal. 

MaSibisi, the matriarch and founder of the successful logistics company Radebe Enterprise, was sidelined by her son’s wife upon her release from prison. 

Tragedy strikes when MaSibisi’s son, Bhungane, and his wife are shot at their home, leaving behind their three children and a multitude of family secrets.

The shocking revelation of Bhungane’s elder son, Ntsika, disrupts the already fragile family dynamics. 

The reading of the will further stirs tensions as Nikiwe, Bhungane’s daughter, is named the CEO of the company when she comes of age.

Bhungane’s mother harbours resentment, believing she deserves the position due to her involvement in building the company.

Nikiwe takes action

As the family grapples with their loss, Nikiwe takes matters into her own hands, launching a social media campaign, #JusticeForTheRadebes, to uncover the truth about her parents’ death. 

However, her actions attract the attention of a dangerous gangster, putting her life in jeopardy. Seeking refuge, Nikiwe and her siblings find temporary safety with Mdlalose, their father’s trusted friend and head of security.

Their sanctuary proves short-lived as circumstances force them to return home, where they must confront Lulu and Ntsika, who have taken residence in the mansion.

Meanwhile, MaSibisi’s past comes back to haunt her when an old friend, Cooper, reveals her involvement in a tragic incident resulting in the loss of his son.

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Amidst the family turmoil, Skeitla, Bhungane’s brother-in-law, falls into a downward spiral of gambling and heavy drinking after losing his job due to fraud. His actions lead to the breakdown of his marriage and the departure of his wife and daughter.

Join the Radebe family on their quest for justice and the unravelling of dark secrets in Nikiwe. Tune in to e.tv channel 194 every weeknight at 7pm. 

You will witness the suspense, betrayal, and the relentless search for truth. 

Prepare to be enthralled by Nikiwe’s captivating storyline, where every twist and turn will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss out on this rollercoaster ride of drama and intrigue.

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