Nadia Nakai shares last texts with AKA which were never read

By The Purpose Reporter

It has been over a month since rapper AKA died, but his girlfriend Nadia Nakai is still struggling to accept that he is really no more. 

Nadia Nakai admitted this in her social media this week where she even shared the screenshots of their last text conversations. 

AKA died instantly in a shooting incident in Durban in February. It is still unknown why he was shot or who shot him. 

His family, fans and Nadia Nakai, who is also a rapper are still trying to process his sudden passing. 

She posted the messages she had sent AKA, whose real name is Kiernan Forbes, minutes before he died. He had not read them when he was shot. 

The couple had been in constant contact with AKA updating her of every move in his Durban trip. 

“The fact that these messages were never delivered because you were gone💔,” she captioned one of the posts. 

The screenshot of their last conversation

In another screenshot, she wrote: “I’m going to miss our FaceTimes, calls and texts…”

Nadia Nakai has been taking to her Instagram to grieve her loss since AKA died. 

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In one of the posts, she showed that she has not really accepted that he is gone forever. 

“It’s been a month, it feels like yesterday. Please can someone undo this?” she wrote this week. 

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