Mr Music may not have won Idols, but he has won my heart

Firstly, I would like to congratulate our season 16 South Africa Idols and the organisers. Idols Top 3 finalist “Mr Music”, Brandon and Zama. They made South Africa proud and hope they will continue to do so.

And a big congratulations to our season 16 South African Idol Zama. As a big fan of idols, I was so unhappy with the outcome. This season, Idols was a hit from the beginning following the contestants. Season 16 auditions was very entertaining, since the auditioners themselves showed that they are hungry to win. They displayed determination to be crowned as an Idol.

Contestants were so talented. But, there was this guy who was so unique, talented and original “Mr Music”. This young man is so talented that whenever he performed I became emotional, his performances were so great that each time he went on stage it was as if it’s his final performance.

It really broke my heart that he was not crowned as the winner. The saying says “don’t count the chickens before they hatch” is true because I had put all my eggs in one basket for this guy. I had all the faith and trust in him and so sure he was going to make it.

He never made it as an Idol, but in my eyes and other people’s eyes, he is a winner. “Mr Music” an ordinary guy from Richardsbay, northern KZN has made us proud, we’re still flying the flag high for him. Well done for making it this far.

We’re so proud of him, humbleness, and his hit single “Ngikhethe kahle”. Looking forward to his music and can’t wait to see him prosper in the music industry because this is just the beginning of his music career. South Africa, particularly kwaZulu-Natal is so proud of you.

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