Mjosty leaves popular series for own project


Sihle Mkhize

The Mzansi Magic drama series, eHostela has lost one of its characters who were loved by the audience as comedian and actor, Mjosty, real name Joshua Mbhele ditched the show to embark on a new journey. This multi talented actor played the character of “2 Litre”.

A Purpose Magazine mole said Mjosty is currently shooting his own sitcom, and couldn’t continue with eHostela.

“Mjosty is busy shooting his sitcom and he stopped associating himself with eHostela crew in December last year. I cannot tell you whether he had differences with the producers or not. All I know is that Mjosty is always hungry to write his own history,” the mole said.

When The Purpose Magazine contact Mjosty, he confirmed that indeed he’s busy with his project. “I am busy with my sitcom named 731 Nina Street, and we’re shooting  as we speak.

“I stopped shooting with eHostela last year. I felt that it’s about time to go back to my roots and do what I love which is entertaining people. I’ve learnt a lot from playing the 2 Litre character, his totally different from me, he’s not funny,” Mjosty said.

The Purpose Magazine has learnt that Mjosty also discovered new talent instead of hooking up the well known and established actors. Mjosty also clarified that he had no issues with eHostela producers.

“It’s true that news of leaving didn’t sit well with the producers and the channel itself, but I had to take a decision after a long discussion with them,” Mjosty explains.

He also shared with us the difficulties in the acting industry as he accuses some production companies of exploiting actors.

“This industry has challenges, some production companies fail to do justice to actors, they treat them like trash because they know actors are desperate for work and fame.

“The worst part is that producers are no longer looking for pure talent but followers numbers on social media even if there is no talent,” Mjosty complains.

The 731 Nina Street sitcom has no specific channel where it will be aired on as yet, and Mjosty said they are still weighing their options.

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