Minnie Dlamini’s mom shocked at racists who blocked her

The celebrity mom could not get in and out of her area of residence because of she was accused of going out to join in the mass looting

STORY: Sihle Mkhize
PHOTO: Instagram

When violent riots broke out in Durban, Minnie Dlamini-Jones mother, Nobuhle Dlamini also became a victim as she was denied the freedom of movement. She was shocked when her white neighbours told her she could not pass through a blockage they had set up because she was going out to loot.

Nobuhle wanted to go to the shops when she was stopped on the Glen Ashley Road in Durban North. She was told she can’t go through. She claims that she pleaded her case but was told she would not be allowed to pass unless she produced proof she was a resident.

“I have forgiven them because I am not someone who holds grudges,” Nobuhle was quoted as saying on Ilanga LangeSonto. “Sometimes it is better to quickly let go of bad things so you can go on with your life.

“But there is a lot of works that needs to be done to end racism,” she added. Nobuhle said this situation was demeaning and frustrating for her. She feels her dignity as a human being was tarnished.

“I have been a resident here at Glen Hills for years, and went out to go to the shops at Glen Ashley. I came to a road blockage manned by a group of white guys I did not recognise. They said they would not let me through unless I produced proof that I was a resident in the area.

“They actually wanted me to drive back home and get documents to prove myself as a resident. We argued until I was forced to just go back. This really saddened me. What they were arguing is that if you are black, you are out to loot.

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“There was no need for them to blanket all black people on this. Yes, there was looting but there was no need for them to be racially classified. Our white neighbours have no problem, we live well with them, but when riots start they desert us and treat us as outcasts.

“We live comfortably with our white neighbours but it is these people I don’t know who manned the road blockages who classified people. They allowed white people through without any questions. We really need to work on rooting out racism,” she explained.

Minnie also posted on her social media about how disappointed she was about what happened to her mother.

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