Mayor faces fraud allegations after municipality pays for son’s tuition fees


The mayor of Alfred Nzo District Municipality, Sixolile Mehlomakhulu may be in hot water following an alleged ineligible transaction that financially benefitted his son.

There are serious allegations that Mehlomakhulu’s son benefitted from a municipal fund meant to assist pupils from impoverished families to further their studies at tertiary level.

The allegations came to light after a letter bearing the municipality’s letterhead and signed by the municipal manager, Zamile Sikhundla started circulating.

The letter reveals a transaction receipt of R65 223 paid into Wits University’s bank aaccount. The letter also bears a reference, which is the name, Yanga Mehlomakhulu), the son of the mayor.

The mayor however has refuted the allegations stating that he has been personally paying his son’s fees.

Sikhundla is not aware of a letter bearing his signature confirming the son of the mayor as a beneficiary of the municipality’s educational programme.

The programme financially assists matriculants who performed well to further their studies especially those coming from poor families to ensure their dreams come true.

The document titled RE: 2020 Bursary award letter for Mr Yanga Mehlomakhulu was signed by Sikhundla on the January 28, 2020.

“Please note that the payment will be done direct to the institution concerned, so it is crucial that you request them to include Municipal Vat No: 4500157377,” reads the letter.

“This serves to confirm that Alfred Nzo District Municipality undertakes to pay the study costs of the above-mentioned student with ID 01011156… for the 2020 academic year. The bursary will cover Tuition fees, Books and accommodation.

“The Municipality will pay R65,223.00 for meals, tuition accommodation and including books.

“However, the proof of payment attached shows that an amount of R65, 223.00 was actioned on 27 March 2020 at 13:28 to university with a refence EF00306500010AL.”

Municipal spokesperson, Lixolile Petela has since issued a statement stating that the municipality has launched an investigation in this regard.

Wits University spokesperson, Shirona Patel said: “The University does not usually divulge the personal details relating to any student, including the payment of their fees, without the student’s permission. We are also prevented from sharing personal information due to the Protection of Personal Information Act. I am therefore unable to accede to this request, without the express permission of the student”.

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