Maskandi star claims Big Zulu stole lyrics from the late Bhekumuzi Luthuli

 Sihle Mkhize

Big Zulu’s Imal’ening’ song is on high rotation right now and trending with people using it as a background track when they do the popular #DuduzaneZumaChallenge.

Jez’elikhulu trying to explain his side of the story
Government kaMaskandi crying foul over the alleged stolen song

But there is trouble that’s now knocking on the door of the gigantic Brentwood wearing king of Zulu rap, with accusations that he stole some of the lyrics from another artist without crediting him.

These allegations were made by Maskandi group, Abafana BakaMgqumeni’s lead singer, Jezel’khulu.

According to Jezel’khulu, Big Zulu stole some of the lyrics from a song by the late Bhekumuzi Luthuli.

It had however come to the fore that Jezel’khulu was trying to defend himself from similar accusations when he made the allegations against Big Zulu.

Another Maskandi artist, named Government kaMaskandi, had alleged that Jezel’khulu had stolen his song titled Ufike Nobani.

In a WhatsApp voice note, Jezel’khulu can be heard trying to plead his case to Government kaMaskandi.

“If you listen attentively to Big Zulu’s song, you will tell that some lyrics are taken from the late Bhekumuzi Luthuli’s song. Incidents like this happen. I recorded this song after the company I am an ambassador for requested me to do so. In my album title Crush Yami which I don’t recall which year I recorded, I had a similar song,” Jezel’khulu said.

He further stated that the number of artists joining music industry escalates every day which will result them singing the same songs.

“The day I recorded this song I told friends in studio that people will fight me regarding this song. Stealing is not my style, perhaps on different genre like Hip-Hop and others yes, but not Maskandi,” Jezel’khulu explained.

Government kaMaskandi said he released the song in 2018. “I was surprised when I woke up listening to Inanda FM and Abafana bakaMgqumeni hitting airwaves using my song.

“If I had enough money I would have taken this matter to lawyers. But I will consult relevant people to assist me on this matter moving forward,” Government kaMaskandi said.

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