Life in the Umndeni show participants is just one big mess


Okay, so Umndeni is back. For starters, Umndeni is a TV reality series that follows lives of two bi-sexual traditional healers who are married to men.  Life is so interesting in the two households. The two families, Maseko’s and Kolobe’s are living a different and pretty interesting life.

Before coming out of his closet, Mr Kolobe had female partners that he currently co-parent with. Currently, he is dating men. Two of those men are married to women and have kids with them.

These men had to come out of their closets and devulge devastating news to their wives, and that was very hard to bare. The saddest part is that they have been living lies for their entire lives.

There is a bit of spice and juice as one of Kolobe’s partners Majabula also has a makhwapheni by the name of Sponono, a young attractive man who seems to be in his age group.

Majabula shocked us by revealing his future plans and intentions that he also wants polygamy, “just because I am gay doesn’t mean I can’t handle multiple partners” those were his exact words.

There is also chaos in Maseko family. Mr Maseko also has multiple partners who are males and females. He has two wives and one gay wife and also a makhwapheni whom he hasn’t introduced to his wives. Maseko used to have other three gay wives in the past who abandoned the love nest because of the unpleasant drama in the household.

The Maseko family is now expecting their first bundle of joy. Hopefully, the baby will bring joy and happiness to the family. Maseko is now pursuing a career in music with his wives as his backup singers. There is little hope of success in this new path that he is embarking on. Maseko’s gay wife Madabula who’s singing skills aren’t so good is also pursuing music career.

Both the husbands Kolobe and Maseko are traditional healers who got to meet their wives when they came to them for help.

Catch the show Umndeni every Tuesday at 9.30pm on Moja Love channel 157.

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