Lady Du defended by businessman after social media bullying

By Siyamthanda kaNyambane

Following social media bullying, businessman Robert Ngwenya has come out to defend Amapiano producer and DJ Lady Du.

Lady Du, whose real name is Dudu Ngwenya, was attacked by social media users. This was after she broke the news of the death of Amapiano trio Killer Kau, Mpura and Illuminated Greens.

Ngwenya wrote an open letter addressing Lady Du’s detractors, He wrote: “When a domesticated animal is lost in its idle wandering, it is called a stray animal.

“This applies, it seems, to some people whose Social Media posts can best be regarded as stray given their misplaced location.

“Like witches caught in ungodly hours of the night, some celebrity nton ntonis, through their Social Media platforms, are sponsoring stray false ideas that Lady Du has something to do with what the music industry has lost, the Amapiano Genius Trio.

“To pick your nose in public is understandable, to fart in public is tolerated… But to put your finger inside your backside in public is deplorable as it demonstrates a certain level of schizophrenia.

“The latter can best describe those who chose to misinterpret Lady Du’s insistence on her fellow artists to PRAY.

“It is both insensitive and witchcraft to think that when someone, based on his/her religious beliefs, advises someone to pray it then simply means they knew what is going to happen to the one they advise to do so.

“For too long, this world has allowed the famous and the beautiful with NO brains to influence how we think.

“These Social media bullies have been allowed to use their following, beauty and fame to tell lies to society.

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“They have a tendency to exploit the “who told it first” syndrome. They use public sympathy to spread and lies and falsehoods.

“The people, must see the witches they are. We must refuse to lick their fingers just because they are famous actors or artists.

“And we must refuse to be recruited into their miserable private lives. It is time to, as Africans, learn to respect and mourn those who have passed without entertaining witches with agendas.

“May we let Kau, Mpura and Khanya’s families bury their loved ones in peace. May we mourn them and honour their legacy, the heritage they have left us.

“As we do so, may we also learn to ignore the schizophrenic script writers of our lives.”

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