Joy as residents get decent ablution services in informal settlement  


Nokukhanya Busane

Life will never be the same again form the residents of Inanda, Ntuzuma and kwaMashu (INK) under the eThekwini metropole.

This come as the municipality has launched an   Ablution Facilities project with the purpose to change people’s lives for the better.

Councillor Happy Mkhize kickstarted this initiative in ward 42 where we found her in a sports field working with her team.

She stated very clear that, the talk of the town project has begun and she’s delighted.

“I am a public servant, people appointed me. There’s nothing that puts a smile on my face like seeing a home with basic infrastructure like electricity and water,” said Mkhize.

The residents of the informal settlements had to cross roads with bucket to fetch water from nearby areas before. And they put their lives in danger.

Now the happy residents praise the municipality for coming to their rescue as they can see development with naked eyes.

Mr Siyanda who loves to train regularly said, seeing the sports fields’ renovation puts a smile on his face because he’s no longer going to travel long distances for training.

“Everything is going to be easy now, and the training equipments is on it way. It’s not only me who is going to benefit, but the community at large as well. When it is raining we couldn’t do anything because the field would be slippery and muddy,”

Mrs Cele said she’s happy to witness the development in her area.

“Now we’re going to sleep peacefully at night in a safe house. There’s nothing painful than sleeping under a leaking house. And the stinky toilets which are hazardous to our lives,” Cele said.

Counsellor Mkhize on her closing remarks said: “The most important task for me is to work for the community. I urge every community member to feel free to come to my office and report any problem.

“If you don’t get assistance immediately please be patient, definitely you’ll get help. I would like to see these projects proceeding and poor people receive RDP houses and residents feel safe”.

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