It’s education first, music second for talented singer


Thandekile Zulu, better known as Mazulu The Vocalist from Hammarsdale Unit 3 is a driven 19-year-old who believes education opens closed doors.

MaZulu started singing back in primary school, and would lead the chorus during school assembly, although she was still a little girl. She didn’t take her singing abilities seriously even when she entered high school.

“I am currently doing my second year in Public Relations at Elangeni TVET College, and no producer or any celebrity can come and stop me from finishing what I have started,” said MaZulu.

She believes that succeeding comes after getting knowledge from school. She said although she has a passion for singing and music, she does not rely on it for her future.

The artist who looks up to Simmy another well-known South African singer said that education for her was a source of stability, and in order to get a stable job, education is the way.

MaZulu, who recently released an album called Camagu which featured DJ Msewa also from Hammarsdale, said the album was still churning out the hits, they also did a song called Mzwangedwa last year.

“In a few years to come, I want to be a famous vocalist and be known for good, refreshing music and also inspire children to put all their focus in school,” she said.

She also said that she wants to be a qualified PR practitioner one day and open up a resort for her community because she feels like there is no place for families to enjoy themselves around Hammarsdale.

The main reason why she wants to open this big resort is to help lower the crime rate in the community and help stop poverty by creating job opportunities in and around her township.

“Although music for me is a side hustle, I do believe I am destined for great things, and if it comes through music then that’s fine,” finished MaZulu.

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