How to become the lover she craves and desires

Gentlemen, take a seat, today I will teach you how to tease and please your lady in ways she's only read about in romantic novels

No man is born a great lover, and most importantly a master of giving a woman oral pleasure, everyone has to learn this beautiful art. This means, gentlemen, put your egos aside and learn how to fix the basic mistakes most of you make when giving her oral sex. You need to learn to give oral pleasure. Without any reservation, with excitement and without expecting anything in return.

Doing it as a favour – a few licks is not oral sex my brother, that is called being lazy and downright selfish. Make it the main event. Make her scream your name with bursts of pleasurable orgasms. It takes way more time for women to reach an orgasm than men.

Not warming up your partner – touch her other oreganos zones first. Don’t just rush to licking her genitalia, sensuality goes a long way with most women. You need to help her relax and transition from being a mom, employee or businesswoman into a sexual being, opening herself up to receiving pleasure. You warm her up by giving her a sensual massage or playing with her body before going down on her. Take your time.

Not knowing what is where – you need to familiarize yourself with where the clitoris is situated. Don’t complicate things for yourself, if you are not sure of what you are doing, just focus on the clitoris using your lips and tongue (NO TEETH!), you won’t go wrong.
Warm her up by giving her a sensual massage

Some men focus on trying to penetrate the urethra (pee hole) or just the vagina opening, your tongues are not penises. The clitoris has a clitoral hood that protects the clitoris, think of it as a penis foreskin.

Also, a clitoris might not be visible if your woman is not aroused, if she is not turned on there won’t be enough blood flow rushing to it to get it engorged, this is why it’s important to warm her up first. Look at her vulva/vagina to know the difference between when she is aroused and when she is not.

Do not rush her – When you rush her to orgasm, it’s a 100% guarantee she will not orgasm. This makes her feel like she is not a priority and you are in a rush to do more important things with your time. Your partner will definitely not associate you with pleasure, which means less sex for you. Make her feel comfortable and relaxed. If you can see that she is enjoying what you are doing, don’t change, keep at it until she comes.

Orally pleasing your woman is an art you can learn

Gentlemen if a woman associates you with pleasure, she is going to want to have more sex with you. The best piece of advice you will ever get for free is, when you are with your woman and trying to get her to allow herself to receive pleasure, reassure her by telling her that you are here for her and her pleasure. Remember, communication is always key!

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