How sex can improve your productivity and general well being 


We all know that frequent and pleasurable sex with your partner helps build intimacy and has a positive effect on your relationship, well it has also been proven through studies that it helps you become better at your job! This includes both men and women.

Yes, the effects of all those beautiful hormones that get released during sex, even better, during orgasms, last in your body for 24 hours and that assists you in having more satisfaction and engagement the following day at work. That of course increases positivity in the workplace, you stop being a clock watcher or worry about what’s for lunch. Totally figuratively speaking, bringing sex to work is a great thing but bringing work home to sex is a big No! Bad days at work affect our sex lives.

We always make jokes about a person who is grumpy as being sexually starved or a person who is in a good mood that they had it all last night, well those are not just silly sayings, turns out, we need to be aware of it.

We must always remember, sex is not just a physical thing, it also has social and psychological effects. This is something we need to consciously make time for in our romantic relationships as it has a positive impact in our daily lives.

Many a times we tend to focus only on building success, and we forget to pay attention to our home life. We do not realize that your mood at home automatically spills over to your workplace.

Turn off those laptops, tablets, and cellphones at an agreed time with your partner every night. When you go to bed together every night, concentrate on paying attention to each other, building on your intimacy and more orgasmic sex. Then everything in your life will be more productive while you both conquer the world.

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