Don’t sing the blues, live your best life

You too can live a peaceful life, here’s how


I like Sunday afternoons, they are very peaceful because people have just come from church, some are going to social events and the mood is generally cool. But it can be gloomy or fun, depending on how you feel on the day. Not all days are the same.

You can however try to have a peaceful life everyday, for the rest of your life. I have done this life thing for almost 40 years now, and I think I’ve mastered some of the skills to make it about me, myself and I.

Here I ma listing the 10 commandments of a better life, that if you practice often, you will find yourself living a good life.

1. Be more confident – just believe in yourself, and trust yourself. If there is something you want to change about your life, believe that you can do it. Approach every situation with confidence and self-belief.

2. Fight for yourself – you deserve the best of everything in life. But unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, it’s unlikely anything will be given to you on a silver platter. You have to fight for things. Move out of your comfort zone and fight for things you believe in.

3. Balance work and life – it can be difficult to separate the two sometimes, and most people find themselves always worried about work. Leave it at the work place. Come home and be yourself, don’t bring the employee back with you.

4. Remember basic grooming – avoid going out in public without having taken a bath, and brushed your teeth. Also, always wear decent clothes in public.

5. Love and honour your parents – whether alive or dead, your parents are your closest gods. So, treat them as such.

6. Say ‘No’ when you have to – never feel guilty about saying no. Some people are bullies out there and need you to stand your ground. If you are uncomfortable about something, say it.

7. Never hurt anyone – your words and actions can hurt more than your fists. Always be mindful of others’ feelings. Never deliberately hurt anyone.

8. Avoid drama – walking away from dramatic situations is a sign of intellectual maturity, so always avoid getting yourself into screaming matches no matter the circumstances.

9. Live life to the fullest – do not worry too much about what other people will say, as long as you are not trampling on anyone’s rights, just do what makes you happy. We only have one shot at this life thing.

10. Always tell the truth – it really hurts and most truth tellers find themselves being isolated but trust me, it is better to never have to explain yourself then to keep having to feed the lie. A lie grows and makes more demands each day, this taking its toll on your life.

I hope these tips help you become a better person who lives their life peacefully and happily. Keep living healthily and we shall be alright.

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