Wife airing former Bafana Bafana star dirty laundry on social media

A bank statement also showed purchases of flowers and expensive lunch dates in Illovo, Sandton

By Sihle Mkhize

Former Bafana Bafana star Matthew Booth is in hot water after allegedly cheating scandal exposed to the public by his wife Sonia.

She took to her social accounts to expose her husband’s cheating shenanigans.

The author and former model hired private investigators and used her car’s tracking device to expose the affair.

In a series of posts she claimed that the affair started on Valentine’s Day.

She stated that when Booth returned home, the alleged mistress sent him a gift of Gucci Guilty perfume.

As she was airing Booth dirty laundry Sonia also posted a video of her husband, who is a pundit on Supersport, saying on a TV broadcast that every day was Valentine’s Day in the Booth household.

Sonia said the Tracker also revealed that her husband and the woman had spent the night in Polokwane and the woman was dropped off the next day.

A bank statement also showed purchases of flowers and expensive lunch dates in Illovo, Sandton.

There were also trips to Pietermaritzburg and Umhlanga, allegedly, using Sonia’s car.

She said he’d made it for his alleged lover.

Sonia further tagged both Booth and the other woman in some of her posts, and revealed that the woman, a fitness guru, had her own husband.

She also shared how her husband made cheesecake on the night of their son’s birthday but when they woke up, the cheesecake was gone.

Sonia claimed that she met the alleged side chick’s husband where certain things started making sense about Booth and the woman’s whereabouts.

The husband said they ate Booth’s cheesecake and expressed to Sonia that it was delicious.

The husband also gave her his blessings to air the dirty laundry as he no longer knew what else to do.

Sonia and Matthew Booth have been married for 16 years.

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