Bollywood series are full of twists and turns


I have come to realize that people are becoming more and more interested in Bollywood. You will enter someone’s house or hear in a taxi people talking about a Bollywood series. Bollywood stories are series from the East that are based in India.

Their story line is very interesting and unique and you can never guess what will happen next, when you watch them you always on your toes since you should always expect the unexpected. I am a very big fan of Bollywood, I binge on the variety of the series.

There is this series that I can’t get enough of, the first thing that caught my eye was the title “Twist of fate” as I got to watch it, the story line is so amazing. Their story is based on a couple from both middle and first class, the lady called Pragya is from a very respected middle class family who value their tradition a lot and respect culture and the gentlemen called Abishek is from the highly respected first class family.

Abishek’s grandmother saw a suitor for him who is Pragya and made an arranged marriage which Abi didn’t approve of since he was not into culture. As time went by the couple learnt to love each other more than anything in the world, the two classes collide. There has never been any long lasting peace between the couple as they always have to go through some hardships their happiness is always short lived as Pragya’s sister in-law hates her with passion and wants nothing to do with her.

Through those hardship they somehow manage to pass the difficulties and as they begin their life something sour comes along their path and twists their fate, as now they are apart as each of them has one twin and those twins have grown without knowing they are twins and now their path has crossed since the twins are now attending the same college.

Though Pragya and Abi don’t see each other but they always seem to feel each others presence as their love is so deep and pure.The attempt of them seeing each other has been very high but without any luck, since their fate is always twisted. Will they see each other soon and will the twins find out the truth? Stay tuned and find out.

Catch the Twist of Fate every Monday to Sunday at 21:00 and the repeats at 12:00 exclusively on Zee world channel 166. Please like our page on Facebook (The Purpose).

Sane Mseleku

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