Becoming is awe inspiring – sometimes sad but really eye opening


Becoming is giving us insight into the young men and women who are going on a very difficult journey of transitioning from being male to female and vice versa.

This is such an interesting journey they are taking us on. It’s a difficult, sometimes hopeless and sometimes inspiring road for these young people, hence the show is aptly named Becoming.

We are meeting two men, Gina Sokoya and Yaya Mavundla who are in a process of becoming women and two women, Ramazan Ngobese and Gugu Khumalo who are also about to transition themselves into men.

Gugu Khumalo

These four are brave enough to tell their story on national television. Gugu is coming out to her family and explaining to them the difficulties that she has encountered in her life since it was hard for her to come out in the community about her sexuality since there is a lot of stigma and people are very judgemental.

She has now grown the balls to come out and his family have fully accepted her and they are willing to support her in her journey both emotionally and financially.

There is Ramazan Ngobese who has a wife and two kids.

Ramzan Ngobese

One of them was conceived through invitro and the second one was adopted but Ramazan has a son which she had before she came out about her sexuality. She is also in a process of becoming a man that he has always been, she feels that she is a man trapped in a woman’s body and now his true self is about to be revealed since she is now going to be a man.

Yaya Mavundla is also on a same journey and he wants to become a woman, he is longing for breasts and his doctor feels he is not emotionally ready to do the surgery and that doesn’t sit well with him since he knows and feels he was born ready.

He knows and feels that he is a woman and his friends have accepted him and are supporting him all the way.

But he also has family issues since he has never met his mum, apparently she left him when he was only two months old and now he wants to fill the void of not having a mother in his life, and of not becoming the person that he actually is, a woman.

We also have Gina Sokoya who has had it difficult through his entire life and now wants to be free. He feels he has been chained for ages and now it is time to come out of the closet and he decided to first tell her family about his sexuality and they took it very well, even his grandfather and her family told him they have known all along they just needed confirmation from him.
That was such a relief to him and he told them about his future plans of doing a transition surgery.

He is seeing a psychologist because he is going through a lot in his life, people are so judgmental towards him and that is affecting his confidence and he is also working on building his self-esteem again.

This show will go a long way in dispelling myths and fears and open people’s minds to the realities of transgender and all the other LBGTQ genders.

Catch the most interesting reality show on air at this time, that is taking us on an amazing journey of becoming a transgender, catch the show Becoming every Wednesday at 8pm on Mzansi Magic channel 161.

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