Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions on Roekelose Dade

By Lusa Mseleku

Turkwood has once again presented us with a captivating drama, Roekelose Dade. 

Originally from Turkey, this Afrikaans series with English subtitles follows the intriguing story of the wealthy Cevher family. 

At the centre of it all is Bayram, the patriarch of the household, married to Suheyl and father to two sons, Huseyin and Kerim.

Huseyin, the eldest son, finds himself in an unhappy arranged marriage with Zeynep, with whom he has a daughter. 

Kerim’s marriage was also arranged, but to his childhood love, Melek’s sister, Hulya. However, Hulya’s cunning ways led her to spread a false rumor of Melek’s rape, manipulating the family into accepting her as Kerim’s wife. 

Little did she know that Kerim would leave her for another woman abroad, leaving Hulya to fabricate stories about his whereabouts.

Driven by her desire to keep Kerim, Hulya follows him and discovers his relationship with another woman, who is carrying his child.

In a desperate move, Hulya strikes a deal with the girlfriend to buy the baby and pass her off as her own.

The family is overjoyed at the arrival of the new granddaughter, unaware of the tangled web of deception surrounding her birth. Kerim’s return only adds to the confusion, as Hulya urges him to remain silent.

Plenty soapy scenes on Roekelose Dade

Meanwhile, Huseyin embarks on a business trip and encounters Melek, who owns a small restaurant. They grow closer, eventually falling in love. 

However, when the family discovers Huseyin’s affair, his father suffers a heart attack, deeply affected by his sons’ lack of commitment to their wives and the family business. Huseyin’s wife reveals the affair to his father, leading to threats against Melek to stay away.

The situation worsens as Zeynep, angered by her husband’s request for a divorce, becomes a destructive force in the household, vowing to ruin Huseyin’s life. 

With Bayram having a daughter outside his marriage, it seems that unfaithfulness runs in the Cevher bloodline, adding more fuel to the dramatic fire in their home.

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For fans of intense family dramas, Roekelose Dade promises to deliver all the twists and turns you crave. Tune in to channel 194 every weekday at 17:00 to immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Cevher family. 

Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions and the unveiling of shocking family secrets that will leave you eagerly awaiting each new episode.


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