Be imaginative and enjoy sex safely during this pandemic times

Intimate Me, with Mpho…..

We are asked to social distance during the pandemic so how do we have sex?

How do we get to experience pleasure?

Pleasure is a basic human right after all.

Don’t worry, you can still have sex during this time but yes, now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and add more styles and flavours to your sex life. Start exploring and make it fun and safe.

The whole world has been told  several times that Covid-19 spreads through direct contact with infected person’s spit or mucus, so unfortunately intimate activities which include kissing can easily spread it.

The world is definitely starting to see an evolution in sex. Wearing a mask and gloves during sex seems to be the new normal in terms of safe sex.
Porn sites have started to make mask and glove wearing look normal and sexy. The truth is, this is something we all have to start normalizing as we did wearing a condom from mid 19th century.

Here are just a few tips to try for safer sex:

Always wash your hands with soap before any type of sexual activities, Covid-19 or not. No one wants germs in their lady parts.

You are your best sexual partner! Well, masturbation is the safest way to have sex and of course it comes with a guaranteed orgasm! You can also enjoy masturbation with a partner. Watch each other masturbate, while social distancing, over video call. It is a real turn on.

Wear a mask to avoid breathing on each other or exchanging saliva. Use your imagination and make a new kink out of it.

Studies show that traces of Covid-19 can be found in semen and faeces. Even though there is no evidence that you can contract it by being in contact with these, use flavoured condoms or dental dams for fellatio (male oral sex), cunnilingus (female oral sex) and analingus (rimming, licking of the anus)

Do sexual positions that don’t require you facing each other i.e Doggy Style, Wheel Barrow, Reverse Cow Girl, 69, The Spoon etc

Have video call sex – you can schedule a zoom sex meeting, get creative by role playing and do a strip tease for each other. Let your imagination run wild.

Invest in sex toys for both male and female (and no my beautiful brothers they will not replace you)

Not so long ago I tested positive for Covid-19 and first thing that came to mind was “Am I going to die? and only a few days after accepting that I am not going to lose this battle I started panicking about how long will it take me and my husband to have sex again? Well we did find ways while ensuring my husband is protected and stays negative.
Communication is always the key.

Communicate with your partner about ways you can enjoy sex and keep each other safe. Also do not pressurise a partner who is not mentally ready to start having sex. Remember sex is not just a physical act, it is also both spiritual and mental. Both of you need to be comfortable and consent is very important.

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