Andile and Sithelo’s shock break-up: baby’s paternity the cause

 By Sihle Mkhize 

Royal AM chairman Andile Mpisane is said to have dumped baby mama Sithelo Shozi after questioning the paternity of their second child.

Apparently, Sithelo has been cut off by the Mkhize family and the luxurious BMW which was gifted to her two months ago was taken back. 

According to Sunday World a family close friend broke this news saying that it was Shauwn Mkhize who demanded the paternity tests. 

Shauwn is Andile’s super rich mom and is said to have been unhappy with Sithelo. 

“She had always heard news about Sithelo and her motives for dating his son,” a source was quoted as saying.

The insider divulged that one of MaMkhize’s gripe with the musician daughter-on-law  was the age gap between Sithelo and Andile. 

Sithelo is 27-years-old and Andile is 20, they started dating when the youngest DStv Premiership chairman was a teenager.  

“MaMkhize is raising the child as her own. Sithelo has no benefits anymore. 

“She wanted a non-disclosure agreement signed but Sithelo stood her ground and refused.” 

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Sithelo refused to comment. MaMkhize said the matter has nothing to do with her.

She said: “The matter has nothing to do with me so I don’t want to get involved.” 

A Twitter user, Sammy in reaction to the news wrote: “Sithelo cheating on Andile Mpisane is proof that women can’t be trusted, ayikho into  ongayenzela umuntu wesifazane. (there is nothing you can do to satisfy a women).  

“I even find it hard to trust myself sometimes.” 

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