Anal sex can be sensetional for both men and women if done right

By Mpho Motsie-Mabuda 

Anal play, anal penetration, prostate stimulation is okay!

Yes, while many people might feel weird at the thought of anal play let alone partake in it, the anus is actually an Erogenous zone.

It is so for both men and women and is filled with many sexual nerve endings.

In most cases we grew up with the suggestion that the anus is a dirty and disgusting part of our body.

So it is only understandable that people might be scared and ashamed of wanting to explore anal play and keep that desire from their partner.

Whether you like it or not you both will never know if you don’t communicate it.

You can touch, lick, finger, penetrate etc when you engage in anal play

The most important thing is that you are both comfortable and enjoy it.

How to make sure you have a great anal play experience:

¶ Discuss it First – You must never surprise your partner with anal play. For both of you to enjoy it, the receiver needs to be relaxed and fully trust the giver.

You need to discuss what will your anal play include, will there be penetration or just outside play, will there be toys involved etc.

¶ Preparation – Cut your nails gentlemen and ladies if you have long nails, think of wearing latex gloves and put cotton wool at the tips. This so the nails don’t pierce through the gloves.

People worry about poop, but it is stored deep in the bowels so no finger or penis is long enough to reach it.

For your own comfort, you can definitely have a shower or bath and go to the bathroom 30 or 60 minutes before you participate in anal play or even use an enema.

Most importantly, stock up on the lube! You can also watch some porn together so you can start session feeling aroused. Being sexually aroused does help a lot.

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Few different techniques to try:

¶ Tongue action – Use you tongue to give some love to the butt cheeks. They also want to be included and this creates a bit of excitement and anticipation.

Use the tip of your tongue to draw circles around the opening (Rimming) for a bit.  You can the insert the tip in and out of the opening.

¶ Finger action – You can insert a well lubricated finger tip and do the “come here” motion while trying for the perfect depth and speed. Let the giver guide the receiver.

¶ Toy Action – Find a vibrator a dual vibrator that can stimulate the clitoris while penetrating your anus. You can use a vibrator just for external use to massage the anal opening or the perineum.

Anal play can be uncomfortable for the first time. But shouldn’t be painful with excellent preparation, lots of lubrication, trust, relaxation and lots of breath work.

If the receiver has a vulva, never insert a finger or toy in the anus then in to the vagina.

Use a different finger/toy or clean before the transition. Anal play is fun for both men and women who are heterosexual or homosexual. Its not just for certain types of people.

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