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Suspense as Erica and Spencer decide to adopt each other's children on Blended Bunch


Entering a marriage with children is not easy especially when there are more than one. They may cause conflicts and misunderstandings, and as a couple you might end up not getting along and being stuck in the middle.

But this family are doing it, Spencer and Erica are combining both the Brady and the Shemwell children together into one big family. They are blending these families after they both lost their partners and now found love again. They found each other on a group chat called the widows group.

Spencer the husband is coming with four of his own and Erica the wife is coming with seven of her own from both their previous marriage. But blending a family this big can come with major challenges.

They now have a huge family with eleven offspring and it is very difficult since the step siblings are always squabbling and some are disrespecting the other parent since they are not their biological parent,

This is causing a bit of tension and strain in the relationship. Though the couple is willing to make it work, and blend the family until they become one big strong family.

The couple is now making a decision by taking a big step since they have both witnessed the life’s tragic side, are not willing to take any chances. They want to adopt the kids, Spencer adopting Erica’s and Erica adopting Spencer’s and don’t know how to tell the family.

They don’t know how they are going to take it especially the Brady bunch because they have to lose their last name and use the Shemwell last name which is Spencer’s.

Most of the children get along well because mostly they are in the same age group and there are step brothers who consider themselves as real brothers because they are so fond of each other. And the three little mosquitoes who are always making noise and running around because they are still toddlers.

The couple decided to tell Erica’s family about the adoption because Spencer’s family lives far off. Erica’s took it well and were very happy about it and also her sister loved the idea except for her brother who is adamantly opposing to the decision because he doesn’t trust Spencer.

He thinks it is unfair to Erica’s kids having to lose their last thing they have of their father which is his last name. He says it’s like writing off Erica’s late husband for good in his kids and that is not the nicest thing and emotions were brought in since he was now teary and decided to leave.

What is left for them now is to tell the children, how will they feel? We don’t know. Catch The Blended Bunch every Wednesday night at 21:00 on TLC Channel 135.

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