A man of many hats has sadly died

Manqoba Mchunu

Former South African Rugby Football Union Vice President Mluleki George, died on Monday due to Covid 19 aged 72. The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee confirmed on Wednesday that George succumbed to the Coronavirus. SA Rugby President Mark Alexander sent condolences to the family. “He was genuinely one of the icon figures of our historic sports unification process and we know of course that rugby was closest to his heart,” Said Alexander


George was also an African National Congress Member and was sentenced to five years on Robben Island and also served as Border Rugby Union President in the early 1970’s until his 1976 arrest for political activity. The day of the release he remained in politics and became a founding member of the United Democratic Front in 1987.


He was also one of the founders of a political party COPE and returned to Border in 1991 and at that time he played an integral role in the rugby unity talks that led to the unification of various rugby federations, such as SARFU which later became the South African Rugby Union. He also served on the IRB’s board from 1994 to 1997 and later rejoined SAR’s board in 2003.


Lately he became more involve in National Politics and became a member of parliament and deputy defence minister and remained revered for his roles as a Sport Administrator.

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